Are you looking for a good reflective vest?

LED vestIf you are planning to buy a vest which has LED lights, then here is one of the best LED vest that is available in the market today. The LED Light Reflective Safety Vest and 2 LED Slap-On by ITL, is the one we are referring to here. This product is available on Amazon.

You can have better visibility while walking, running or cycling without putting on a large reflective jacket when you buy the ITL LED Vest. This comes with two LED lighted wristbands. It has a simple design and will also make you visible to the motorists passing by at any time. A running light or a headlamp cannot afford this kind of striking visibility. This is why it is considered as the best LED Safety Vest.

The ITL LED visibility vest strip is made up of vastly reflective material so that it will reflect the headlights of the ongoing motorists. This will slow down the motorists avoiding any kind of causalities. It is made of light weight material, thus allowing for comfortable usage. The buckle and the fabric are made of good quality materials, which are professionally stitched to ensure that this product is durable and lasts long.

This vest is available in the following sizes.

  • Small /Medium /Large – Waist: 26-43 inch
  • The dimension of the wristband is 13 1/2″ x 1 1/2″. This wristband can be worn on wrists, ankles or arms by adults as well as children.

Description of the product

  • This vest is made up of Orange LEDs and has light emitting fibre optics which provides 360-degree ultra-high brightness during night time activities. The two LED wristbands have 5 bright LEDs which adds on to the visibility during night time sports, so that they can be identified by fast moving vehicles in the dark while cycling, running, walking. This significantly increases protection for you during low light conditions.
  • This vest weighs only around 4.8 oz. You will not feel any extra weight of the vest on your body while running, walking or cycling.
  • This vest has three different types of operation by just the touch of button. You can have bright and steady LED light, slow LED light or fast flashing light according to your sport. This provides better visibility than any other safety vest.
  • These LED reflective vests fit both women and men perfectly. It is adjustable so that you can have a comfortable fit to keep the vest in position throughout the activity. The wristband has dimension of 1½ x 13½ inches. This wristband can be worn on the arms, wrists, or ankles and fits both children and adults.
  • The batteries of this vest are replaceable as they consist of 4 x CR2032 3V batteries and the wristbands have 2 x CR2016 3V lithium ion batteries.

This LED reflective vest also offers warranty options. If you are not satisfied with the product, then it can be returned and your money will be refunded. This guarantee is for 60 days from the date of delivery. It also has a warranty of one year for any defects or repairs.