Continue and complete your chiropractic education

chiropractic educationThe Paediatric CPD Program is specifically designed for those that are in chiropractic practise or involved in private practise, and would like to improve their clinical competency with children, but don’t necessarily have the time to commit to a lengthy cause or weekend seminars.

A huge benefit of this programme, and what sets it apart from those weekend seminars, is that it provides constant 24×7 accesses to the material from the comfort of home. Besides, the interactive learning experience with the help of e-books and videos can be tackled at one’s own convenient pace with no deadline or targets to achieve. Also, the real strength of this programme lies on the practical hands-on approach, with the focus on the seamless implementation of the material into one’s practise immediately.

The chiropractic continuing education programme consists of six modules, which together are specifically designed to comprehensively address all aspects of chiropractic practise that involve the paediatric patient. From the moment a child first enters one’s practise, through the history taking and physical examination to spinal and cranial assessment and adjusting right through the specific management strategies, all of it is well met. Whether a child suffers from an ear infection, dysfunctional nursing, a neuro developmental disorder, bed wetting or perhaps deformational plagiocephaly, the management of each specific condition is presented as a largely evidence based approach. This comprehensive management approach is detailed for each condition. As common throughout every module, the emphasis is on the practical implementation of specific management strategies to ensure the best clinical outcome for the patient. This results in a chiropractor being more competent in the management of the paediatric patient. 

So, there is continuing education hours available for completing each module. In fact, there are enough CPD points available to satisfy continuing ones educational requirement for many years to come. However, it’s important to know that not completing the assessments is not a specific requirement. Moreover, the programme is setup in a way to cater to those chiropractors who might have all the CPD formal hours they might require over the year, but would still like to improve their adjustment, assessment, and management skills with the paediatric patient.

Access is available online, so with easy access to the Internet one is set. The programme including the videos can be viewed on the iPad, laptop or a computer. There is unlimited access and one can watch the video presentations and view the e-books as many times as desired. This enables one to review the information as many times as the need arises. Moreover, if access is required beyond the one or two year period registered for, simply register for a further specified time at a nominal charge.

In addition, the e-book can also be printed if required to be read from a hard copy. Regardless of the paediatric trinity whether a student, a graduate or perhaps an experienced practitioner, and no matter how consistent with the assessment, the adjustment and the management of the paediatric patient, this programme has something for everyone.

This programme simply makes one a better chiropractor.