Dymatize Elite Whey – The 100% Elite Protein

Dymatize Elite WheyDymatize Elite Whey protein is a standard low-carb, high-protein powder that offers a combination of whey protein isolate as well as whey concentrate in a great-value and great-tasting product. Elite Whey is quite popular protein supplement, which is high in protein content but devoid of the calories, to enable you to build muscle mass. Elite Whey is actually an effectual way to develop lean muscle mass.

Elite Whey Protein Ingredients:

A good quality protein shake is essential if you wish to lose weight successfully since, without the utilization of a protein supplement your body can fail to endure the pressure generated by the resistance training or weight training or by any other type of weight loss training. This protein-based product is a pure protein supplement that has no fillers, no carbs and minimal fat, but it is high in essential amino acids and has some added glutamine. You can digest this protein shake more easily than many other whey protein products. The protein powder mainly comprises of whey protein isolates, whey protein concentrates, wherein the isolates are more prevalent. It also contains soy, milk and an artificial sweetener called acesulphame potassium.

Elite Whey Serving:

Dymatize Elite Whey is market in two sizes – 2.27 kg that gives 70 serves and 4.54 kg that gives 140 serves. It is available in 9 flavors that include pina colada, choc mint, café mocha, berry blast, rich chocolate, banana smooth, butter cream toffee, vanilla and gourmet vanilla. For each 32g serving, you will be receiving 24g of whey protein, which is a fairly standard serving size. You can begin with one scoop, but you may need two scoops per serving depending upon your training intensity and weight. However, most people limit their intake to two scoops per serving.

Who can Use Dymatize Elite Whey:

Elite Whey protein is a high-quality blend of whey protein that is designed to help people who look to build muscles and lose weight. This supplement can also help people who just look to add more amount of protein to their daily diet. Even though the protein shake contains only 1g of sugar in each serving, it is intended to boost energy levels and give you extra power and drive when you work out. Hence, this product is an admirable source of protein supplementation for women and men who engage in intense physical activities, like weight-training program.

Value For Money:

Just like other protein shakes, Elite Whey can aid to strengthen as well as repair your torn muscles after extreme workouts. Another benefit of this product is that it is quite easy to mix in a shaker or glass, which makes it convenient to use anytime and anywhere. What’s more, Dymatize Elite is a good value for money; it is in fact a lot cheaper as compared to most other protein shakes in the market.

In a nutshell, Elite Whey offers a high protein blend of whey isolate and concentrate along with beneficial digestive enzymes to ensure maximum absorption. Also, with a huge range of pleasant-tasting flavors, it is one of the best tasting protein supplements you can get at the best value. So, in case you are looking for a reasonably-priced whey protein supplement with a good protein per-portion ratio then Dymatize Elite Whey could be the ultimate protein shake for you.