Dymatize ISO-100 – Top Muscle Building Supplement

Dymatize ISO-100With about 86% protein, Dymatize ISO-100 is one of the purest forms of protein supplement available today. Also, the zero carb, lactose and fat content makes it a great choice for a person on a low carb or restricted calorie diet, or for people who are lactose intolerant. This supplement contains maximum protein that is necessary to aid muscle recovery and retain positive nitrogen balance throughout intense training sessions. As a matter of fact, this formula has a higher standard of protein than other protein-based products sold in the market, so be rest assured that you will be fueling your muscles to their greatest potential with ISO-100.

ISO-100 is a great way to build as well as maintain lean muscle mass. It mixes with water or milk instantly. It also has high amount of glutamine peptides, which is a neutral amino acid that offers a lot of benefits to all who exercise constantly and looks to build lean muscles and reduce fat, simultaneously. Hence, including ISO-100 in your routine will be well worth. Additionally, with the bioavailable protein content, you will be able to see your muscles grow faster quite easily. You can also take this supplement to stop lean muscle tissues from breaking down. You can completely rely on this protein supplement, it can assist your body in recovering from injuries faster.

Nutritional Analysis:

Composed wholly of Hydrolysed WPI, ISO-100 comprises of 24 grams of protein for each 28 gram serving, with zero fat and zero carb that equates to almost 86% pure protein in terms of weight. Along with its high protein content the supplement also contains Lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC) and a great amino acid profile that is designed to aid the synthesis of natural protein and stimulate the digestive processes.


ISO-100 is available in a broad range of great tasting flavors. It is a good option for people who are fussy about their protein flavors. This amazing protein supplement comes in six delicious flavors like, cookies and cream, gourmet chocolate, gourmet berry, gourmet pina collada, gourmet banana and gourmet vanilla.


You can get Dymatize’s ISO-100 in two sizes – 908g pack and 2.27 kg pack. The 2.27kg size costs $117 and provides 81 serves that equates to $1.44 per serve. On the other hand, the 908g pack cost $56.7 and gives 32 serves, which is $1.77 per serve. Dymatize is known for offering high quality products at reasonable prices and their ISO-100 supplement also costs slightly less when compared to most competitor’s WPI product lines.


Some of the distinct benefits derived from ISO-100 includes, increased strength, enhanced overall physical performance, weight loss, better muscle growth, efficient toning, lowered sugar levels and blood pressure, improved digestion and more. Additionally, the natural flavors and soy bean oil helps to add beauty and strength to your overall appearance. In fact, even after consuming one serving of ISO-100 you will be able to feel a drastic difference.

Overall, considering everything, we can safely say that Dymatize ISO-100 is the purest and fastest absorbing protein that you can currently get in the market. It is the ideal pre as well as post workout supplement that suits anyone who look to obtain a fast digesting protein source, during or after their workout session.