Get the best mattress for side sleepers

mattress for side sleepersMattresses are responsible for ensuring the best rest and sleep satisfaction to people. Irrespective of the quality of mattresses, if one adopts some beneficial and medically approved sleeping positions, he/she will stay healthy. Apart from these approved positions, if one uses side sleeper mattress made from softer, comfortable and natural material, they will be guaranteed many health benefits.

One of the widely popular sleeping position is side sleeping. It is recommended that while side sleeping use left side, because this allows heart to beat normally. It is even considered better than straight, back, curl and stomach sleeping positions.

Types of mattresses for side sleepers

Standard Mattress

There are of two types, i.e. with spring and without compression coils. Both are beneficial, even though the spring mattresses may cause some strain in the body. If men and women experience severe aches and stretchiness then spring mattresses are best avoided. Memory Foam and a softer pillow can be used instead of spring mattress by these individuals. People often tend to overlook the specific side mattress or memory foam, which results in body pains. One should never compromise over comforts.

Particular mattresses for side sleepers

One often fails to distinguish between a standard mattress and a particular mattress for side sleeping. While Memory Foam mattresses relieves point pressure of body and provide comfort to one’s body during sleep, most of these particular mattresses are thicker and heavy duty with the ability of providing everlasting performance.

Each of these particular mattresses has the ability to suit all types of sleeping positions. Some of the most famous mattresses used as side sleepers are as follows:

  • Ultimate Dream Latex Mattress – It is superior quality memory foam made out of talatay latex. This foam lasts forever because of new technology and compression ability. This mattress provides custom comforts. It has been observed to be smoother and softer compared to the traditional memory foams. It gives enhanced orthopaedic benefits. Made from bamboo fibre helps relieve point pressure. It has moisture absorption ability and as such takes less time to dry. Long lasting warranty of almost up to 25 years.
  • Temp Memory Foam Mattress – This is another kind of mattress that provides balanced and softer surface to side sleepers. It has almost 10 to 12 inch thick memory foam made of natural wood and dense cotton material. This mattress has natural wood at the surface (covers). Poly cotton blend makes it luxurious and provides greater flexibility. It comes with a 20 year warranty at an affordable price.
  • Dual Layered Lucid Memory Foam Mattress – CertiPUR-US certified mattress brings the best of new and modified qualities for its customers. It has the best air flow due to open cell technology used in manufacturing. The 10 inch thickness and double-layered foam produces maximum comforts. It employs the open cell technology. This mattress also has faster weight and pressure adjustment compared to other mattresses. It is suited for people suffering from neck and shoulder pain. The 25 year long warranty and easy affordability makes it an attractive option.

These mattresses can go a long way in easing side sleeping customer’s body pains. Review these products before choosing the apt side sleeping mattress for oneself.