LED hula hoops – How to buy the best one?

ITL LED hula hoop Hula hooping is a very fun sport. It allows friends and family to have a good laugh together. Hula hooping is also very healthy if done with the proper kind of hoop, as it can help you get rid of joint pains and inflexibility of the body.

However, the main question that arrives now is that how can we choose the best led hoops? This is, in fact, a very important question. Whether you are buying it for your children or for yourself, it is important that you buy the best led hula hoop available, in order to get the full benefits of hula hooping. However, this task seems to be very confusing and hard, as there are a huge variety of hula hoops available in the market nowadays, each from a different brand and having different features. So how shall you pick the best one amongst them? Let us find out.

What to look for in the best LED hula hoop?

Different LED hula hoops come with different features. These features may prove to be beneficial for some and useless to others. Thus, you must choose the features carefully. Some of the features that you should look for are given in this section.

  • Seamless LED hoops: These LED hoops are completely equipped with lights, such that there is no gap at all between these lights. While these may look good, they are often more costly.
  • Light modes: The modes are very important. Many LED hula hoops have different modes, which are nothing but configurations of LED colour and blinking time. Some hula hoops known as smart hula hoops, come with programmable modes!
  • Weight: The weight of the LED hula hoops are way more than normal ones, as they are equipped with loads of LEDs, wires, batteries and other such electronic components. However, the modern ones are comparatively lighter.
  • Battery and charging: The battery type will influence the charging time and the usage time of the LED, so you must choose wisely. They may have a wall charger for charging, or may have a removable battery which can be removed after its depletion. Some LED hoops even have micro USB for charging!
  • Type of material: The material used for making the tubing is really very important because it influences the hoop’s durability. Nowadays, two types of materials are used for making the tubing, which are polypro and HDPE. Even though HDPE is more durable that the latter, it is much heavier.

Types of the hula hoop

There are many different types of LED hula hoops. The two main categories are the “simple” LED hoops and the “smart” LED hula hoops. While simple ones are available at cheap prices, the smart ones are little costly. The simple LED hula hoops often have only two to three modes of lighting and have a maximum of 50 LEDs installed in the tubing. However, the smart hoops have about 220 LEDs installed in them. These LEDs are controlled by a microprocessor inside the unit, which can be programmed for different modes.

LED hoops review

LED hula hoops have come a long way. With different hoops available, it can be hard for you to choose the right one from ITL. However, this short guide will help you get the best LED hula hoop.