Treatment of Heel Pain in Mandurah

Treatment of Heel PainThere are many health issues nowadays which people suffer from. Out of them, heel pain is the most common condition by which about 10% of the total population is affected. People of any age can have heel pain. Heel pain mostly affects the area of the backside or underside of the heel and restricts your free movement. There are many reasons that can cause your heel pain. A proper and accurate diagnosis is required for the successful treatment of the heel pain. The cause of heel pain can be diagnosed by the podiatrists of 4 Life Podiatry. It is a clinic of treating various health issues, particularly heel pain Mandurah.

Some of the most common causes of heel pain are discussed as follows –

  • Plantar Fasciitis

Heel pain and foot pain are mainly caused due to plantar fasciitis. If you walk on hard surfaces in your home, office, foot path and so on, plantar fasciitis will affect your heel and foot. Plantar fascia is a long ligament under the foot and the tearing of this ligament causes plantar fasciitis. Factors like weight, age, excessive forefoot sports, walking for a long time and sudden start of exercise are reasons of the cause of plantar fasciitis. The most general cause of this condition is overpronation.

  • Achilles Tendonitis

The calf muscle is joined to the back of the ankle by the Achilles tendon. The Achilles is known as the strongest and longest tendon in the body of a human being. Forces of more than 450 kg can be withstood by this tendon. But due to sports injury, this tendon often gets ruptured.

Achilles Tendonitis is caused when this tendon is inflamed. Localized server pain, stiffness in the calf, recurrence, weakness and swelling of ankle or tendon are the characteristics of Achilles Tendonitis. Strain, inflammation and pain will be reduced by the podiatrist of 4 Life Podiatry during the initial treatment. The treatment of Achilles Tendonitis is assisted by taping, dry needling, a customized rehabilitation program and soft tissue massage. Shockwave Therapy is used to treat more chronic cases of Achilles Tendonitis.

  • Stress Fracture

When the heel bone or calcaneus gets injured and fractured, stress fractures are caused. A running athlete mainly suffers from this condition. After starting a run, heel pain is reported by the athletes during the early stage of stress fracture. But after taking adequate rest, the pain eases out. One has to treat this condition as early as possible to avoid severe pain and surgery to treat it. The diagnosis of a stress fracture is confirmed after having an MRI scan and x-rays.

  • Sever’s Disease

Young athletes between the ages of 8 and 15 years are affected by Sever’s Disease. If you are involved with the sports like athletics, AFL, football and rugby, you are more likely to have this condition. Paining at the backside of the heel is caused due to Sever’s Disease. The prescription of a custom, semi-rigid orthotic is required to treat this painful condition.

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